Success Rate & Quality of Service

At Barrie Confidential Inc. we are committed to providing our investigative team with continued, hands-on education and training relevant to the industry, while remaining current and compliant with all of the regulations outlined under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act. Barrie Confidential Inc. maintains a close and well established network of contacts, affording us the ability to collect and provide detailed results anywhere across Canada, ensuring that each and every request is treated as a priority! In turn, this allows Barrie Confidential to provide our clients with the quickest, most efficient and cost effective results while maintaining a high level of discretion and professionalism. This remains the fundamental reason by which respective clients can expect to receive quality information and success rates of 80%, with some clients experiencing higher than normal rates of success.

Barrie Confidential Inc. realizes that you have many choices when attempting to meet your investigative needs and we will tailor our efforts to ensure you can make the right choice.

Currently, very few investigation firms specialize in the specific areas that Barrie Confidential Inc. does. This allows for enough confidence in our results that we operate exclusively on a “no find; no fee” basis. Whereby, if we are unable to provide the information requested, you will not be charged for our effort on non financial requests.

Sounds great, but how can we do this?


Collectors vs. Investigators

Collectors and creditors must identify themselves as such. When you do make contact with the debtor or someone who knows them you can only identify yourself as a representative of the business under which the debt is owed.

So, what can we do for you that collection agencies cannot or that you cannot do for yourselves?

Just like creditors and collectors, private investigators are also governed by very strict rules of conduct in Ontario.

Our governing agency is the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Our Act is called the Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

Section 2

  • A private investigator is a person who performs work, for remuneration, that consists primarily of conducting investigations in order to provide information.
  • Examples of the types of information referred to in subsection (2) include information on,
    • the character or actions of a person;
    • the business or occupation of a person; and
    • the whereabouts of persons or property

We use many sources to find this information and we assess every file on an individual basis to determine the most efficient and appropriate action to resolve the file as quickly as possible. We DO NOT use “cookie cutter” tracing techniques!

Currently we use:

  • Public databases
  • Barrie Confidential Inc. is very familiar with what information is not privacy sensitive and contact the appropriate governing bodies and organizations to get this information
  • Barrie Confidential Inc. has well established rapports with various companies and industry leaders across the country who will share information with us.
  • Barrie Confidential Inc. has a well established network of contacts with various providers in telephone, internet, cable and other crucial services that people can scarcely live without.

In a privacy conscious manner, Barrie Confidential uses date of birth and credit identifiers to confirm that we have located the correct individual/debtor.

Barrie Confidential Inc. uses resources to track down and get close to debtors. We have the ability to create conversations and personas that allow us to confirm the information and satisfy a file in a manner where the debtor can remain unaware that they have been located.

Please contact Barrie Confidential Inc. to discuss how we can bring you the results you seek.